hi i'm katie and i am willing to sell my soul for the olicitys url


so you were never a saint
and i’ve loved in shades of wrong
we learn to live with the pain
mosaic broken hearts

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AU: Team Arrow snapchats (pt. 2 con’t)

Who said saving the city had to be all work and no play?

Oliver Queen + more random snaps

#of course oliver listens to beyonce #felicity likes to play her album real loud on sundays when they stay home #he’s grown to like queen bey’s music #even had felicity download a few songs onto his phone #he actually finds himself quietly singing some of her songs while he’s alone in the office #it even happened once while out on patrol #but oliver will deny that til his dying day #even if the entire team heard it over the comms (via whattalovelyscene)

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4-blue-skies requested: times where diggle smiles at olicity while they’re talking. (or times where diggle is amused by what felicity says and also amused by oliver’s reactions to her.)

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*looks at fictional character* nobody loves u more than me

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Roy and Oliver run into each other buying tampons/chocolate for Thea and Felicity.


[I hope this came across the way I wanted it to because I think it is the sweetest thing imaginable when guys take care of the girls in their lives without being embarrassed about it.]

—Man Points—

“Roy!” Oliver glanced up in surprise, just as Roy simultaneously noticed him, too.

“Dude,” Roy said, hurriedly shifting something behind his back.  Until he looked down and saw the same item in Oliver’s hands.  He laughed.  “You, too, huh?” he asked, holding up the box of Tampons in embarrassment.

Oliver chuckled.  “They must be on the same, uh, cycle,” he said awkwardly.

Roy nodded.

Oliver glanced at the box in Roy’s hands and shook his head, taking it and placing it back on the shelf before seeking out a different brand and handing it to Roy.  “She prefers plastic; trust me on this.  I got guilted into these pharmacy runs a lot growing up.”

“Oh.  Er…thanks.”

There was an awkward pause.

“Okay, do you know what kind of chocolate I’m supposed to get her?  Because she said surprise her and I don’t know if she meant to actually surprise her or to magically remember what her favorite is because—”

“She likes Cadbury.  I gotta pick up some mint chocolate chip ice cream for Felicity, too,” Oliver chuckled.  “Here, I’ll check the candy with you and see if they have her favorite flavor.”

“Oh my God, thank you,” Roy sighed, and Oliver patted him on the shoulder.

“Welcome to my world.”

“Do we lose, like, man points for this or something?” Roy asked while they perused the candy section and Oliver found the Cadbury bars that had almonds and dried fruit for Thea.

Oliver shook his head.  “Actually, all things considered, I think we gain a few.”

Roy thought that over bemusedly.  “That’s…probably true, actually.”

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